If you wanted just a quick answer then look no further because the answer is “NO, there is no mini player for Windows Player 12”.  Bummer?  Yup, thought so too.

Especially if you’re like me who just fires up Media Player, set it to shuffle (because I got really tired of sorting all those MP3s) and just click on skip when you don’t like the song.  The Mini Player was really useful for me for this since it just sits on the Task Bar and I don’t have to switch to any window or do any extra clicks.

So imagine my surprise when I upgraded to Media Player 12 and found out that they took this away :(  Luckily enough, all I really needed from the Mini Media Player was the skip and back and found out that this was made available at the Taskbar Preview of the Windows Media Player :)  So voila!  Not exactly the same but suits my needs just fine.


All you need to do is:

1.  Hover on the Media Player Thumbnail on your Taskbar

2.  You’ll see the Back, Pause, Forward controls as well as the Preview of Media Player

3.  The controls work in the Thumbnail so click away!

Now, if this still does not suit your needs are really want the old Mini Player back without having to downgrade to Windows Media Player 11, then you can follow this article from BlogsDNA on Get Back Windows Media Player 12 Mini Toolbar on Windows 7 Taskbar

Did this help you? 🙂




I’ve had several friends who’s done cold turkey with their smoking and it looks like it works.  So in several instances I’ve done the same, not just with food but with almost any habit that I wanted to change.  But based on the results, whenever I take the deprivation route, the habit comes back, and it does so  with a vengeance.

Now looking at the opposite, when I unconsciously indulge and embrace something, I eventually get tired of it and voila!  The craving goes away.  Right now, am just too chicken to try that consciously for fear that I go into the deep end and not able to go back.

Have you tried indulgence to get rid of a habit?  Did it work?

ah… quiet…


I treasure times when I have enough space to hear myself think.  To connect with the deepest thoughts inside my head, and on good days to actually pour it out on paper. To see the monkey brain play and eventually get tired and stop.  To write down the thoughts and reveal messages before my eyes.  To come to a point when there’s actually nothing…

I first saw this quote from one of my idols Marta Kagan of Brand Infiltration and for me it just captures what social media is about.  I was doing a session yesterday on Virtual Community Marketing and I wanted to keep emphasizing that SNS is not a silver bullet.  At the end of the day, its just a platform to amplify your voice AND what’s still more important is the message behind the voice.  If its authentic and real then it will cut through the crap and people will see what you want to say.  But if its not, then it will also multiply ambiguity a thousand times. 

At the end of the day, I just wanted to remind everyone to be mindful of what you want to yell into the bullhorn because when you use social media, people will definitely hear about it.

Still skeptical about this?  Here’s a number of cases where instead of helping, social media became a nightmare for these companies:

1.  When Nestle threatened to delete posts of Greenpeace supporters at their Facebook Page.  More details here.

2.  When director Kevin Smith got booted out of a Southwest flight for being overweight.  More details here.

3.  When at the height of the Egyptian uprising @KennethCole tweeted “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at http://bit.ly/KCairo –KC”.  More details here.

4.  When an employee got fired and agency New Media Strategies lost the Chrysler account because of this tweet.  More details here.

5.  And more recently, when the Redner Group lost its biggest client just because of ONE tweet.  More details here.

Do you know of any other cases when social media went south?  Would be great if you can share because we can all learn from the experience.

The beauty of having an extended monitor is that you have all of that space to be more productive (ehem :P)  You can have most of your windows open and laid out like… Outlook and uh… Facebook, Tweetdeck, Plants vs Zombies… okay fine let throw in Powerpoint and Word 😀

But when your mouse goes right and your cursor goes left to your extended monitor, well… that’s throwing a monkey wrench into your productivity.  Luckily though, its easy enough to change that 🙂

Using Windows 7:

  1. Right-click on your Desktop
  2. Choose Screen Resolution (with your extended monitor, you should see them labeled 1 and 2)
  3. Click on monitor 2
  4. Drag it to the left side
  5. And voila!

extended monitor 1 v2 extended monitor 2

Simple lang, noh? 🙂


Am what my friend Jojo would call a late adaptor, which is ironic because I consider myself a techie (I could almost here Jojo say “ha!”).  But I am super excited to get my hands on these!

First off, the Windows Phone 7.  I know that a lot of people are saying its late in the game but for what’s worth, its sort of a new player because of its revamped platform so we can’t really say how its going to play.  Even Crunch Gear back in 2007 predicted the failure of the iPhone saying that “Digg will likely be full of horror stories from the poor saps who camped out at their local AT&T store, only to find their purchase was buggier than a camp cabin”

And look where its at now? 😀 With that, I want to give this one a chance, I just wish Santa will drop it on my lap 😀


Nope, am not a gamer, but I am super excited about the Xbox 360 Kinect! 😀  I remember when Minority Report came out and the notion of a machine interpreting your body language was just science fiction.  Well its science fiction no longer 🙂  What I think will be amazing is when this technology leaves the realm of gaming and leaps into the world of everyday use.  So Santa, I don’t mind if its in a heavy box, you can also drop this one on my lap 😀


If closettechie.com could talk, it would tell me that it feels abandoned, under nourished and left to die.  It would be having its last breath and it would take a burst of energy to jumpstart it back to life.

image from www.ethicsoup.com

My last post swimming with the sharks, literally was done back in May.  I already had several articles written after that but it was all forever stuck in Draft.  Now thanks to a tweet from @mistygirlph and an article from @adamsconsulting , my dear posts finally saw daylight, and my blog is having a second chance at life 🙂

After reading Diana’s article on Get Inspired to Update Your Blog! I took her advise, I set aside some time and finally got this back on track.

So for your reading pleasure, here’s 3 additional old “new” posts from Closet Techie 🙂

girl on girl, in the ring that is

i don’t want to save in My Documents!

no frog for me so ostrich and balut it is

Thanks Misty and Diana! 😀